JLProject group is looking for migrants people captured at sea and deported to Libya in the last 5 years. JLProject can help these people, legally.

A lot of refugees have attempted to escape from libyan hell, but have been catched and deported back to Libya by the libyan costal guard.

JLProject discovered that almost all deportations in Libya are directed by the Italian government and found the evidence.

We are collecting photos, video and eyewitnesses for lawyers, which help us in process against illegal deportation organized, in some cases, also by Italian government. We have collected evidence about pushbacks involving 105 thousand migrants in the last 5 years.

The Italian government, in partnership with Frontex, has organized a capture system at sea. It uses spy planes that spot boats in international waters. The operations center of the Italian Coast Guard in Rome directs the entire operation. This is illegal. Victims can sue the Italian government.

Often this can help to free those who have been deported to Libya and allow them to travel safely and legally to Europe.

We can help victims get financial compensation from the government that illegally deported them to Libya.

We can help people that now are in Africa, Europe or in other parts of the world.

550 migrants have already joined the project.

JLProject wants to file thousands of lawsuits against the Italian government. He has already started and won the first two.

We are fighting for our rights, the right to move and to live safely.


  • If you are a victim of a deportation in Libya in the last 5 years
  • if you recognize yourself from the pictures we post
  • if you recognizesomeone from the pictures we post

    … Please let us know.

NEW: JLProject is looking for witnesses to the crimes of the so-called Libyan coast guard at sea: murders, attempted murders, violence.

We already have a Facebook group.

Fight for your right! Help us to stop deportation!

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